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Return from other Amalia (Regreso de otra Amalia)

HD video, color, monophonic sound, 26’09”


Regreso de otra Amalia (Return from other Amalia), is a melancholy reflection about freedom of expression and opinion today. In this work, the Cuban artist Jenny Feal whispers a poetic text about exile and displacement, in dialogue with images of water, air bubbles, algae and other natural elements swept away by the current. The images were filmed in 2017 on the Durolle River, during her residency at Creux de l’enfer. Then the artist wrote this text. Inspired by her grandfather’s poem book, and in opposition to the article Perdimos Cuba (We lost Cuba) by Amalia Agramonte, great-granddaughter of Ignacio Agramonte (Hero of the first Cuban war of independence) Jenny Feal uses aquatic imagery as a metaphor for human life.

Simona Dvořáková