red and gray raw ceramics, wood, coconut
variable dimensions

Levels is an installation consisting of two elements in space. The first is on a wall. It is a sloping wooden shelf that carries books of gray clay. They have been crossed by a horizon of red clay. The natural colors of clay, recurrent in my work, represent two opposite ways of thinking. The second element is a little more secluded and consists of a square stool that lacks a foot. On this seat rests an arm that exposes an armpit in low relief. It reveals a sensitive, sweaty body part hidden by human geography. This moist ceramic holds a dry coconut collected during a trip to Cuba. The water of the coconut escaped, so it’s counterweight function on the stool balance is doubtful. The absence of water in the coconut can evoke the sensation of strangeness felt when you return from a trip. The incomplete stool is an unbalanced chair intended for reading.