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Body of tanks
natural sponges of Cuban origin, water
variable dimensions

This installation was especially designed to be shown in La Cisterna, the exhibition hall of the Academy of France in Rome. This cistern has maintained its name and its original structure giving way to certain water entries in space, especially when it rains. Therefore, it is a particularly humid place, which walls, floors and ceilings are covered with mold. The sponges found in Cuba become cisterns, flooded and fragile bodies sometimes placed barely visible in the water entrances of this underground place. During the exhibition, they change color with water, giving the illusion of being in their natural habitat.
This proposal was part of the project l’Alphabet, exhibition l’Illiterate in the Cistern, Villa Medici, Academy of France in Rome, Italy. This exhibition was supported by the Rhône-Alpes Region, ENSBA Lyon and the Alphabet Association.