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Quality control

clay, enamel, hammer, glasses, gloves

variable dimensions 2013

Quality control, collective exhibition Trust, 4th Pedagogical Pragmatics, Factoría Habana Gallery, Havana, Cuba

The bowls present in the installation were produced manually using the same matrices during three months. Their surfaces reveal differences between them; textures and common mistakes during the drying and enameling of ceramics. In this proposal the manual and industrial work are confronted in the quality of the artist’s production as a worker. The primacy of Cuban industry prioritizes quantity over quality. The fulfillment of quantitative objectives given by the State blinds the quality of the result. The duty to commit quantitative objectives without worrying about the nature of the outcome are very present approaches in the Cuban economy. Taking advantage of the history of the Habana Factory gallery as a former factory, I made a quality control during the inauguration of the exhibition, analyzing formally my ceramist production. I separated the forms into two groups: well done and with errors. I proceeded to break those that did not have formal errors and from their fragments I build new forms in space.