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Trying to go to bed without making a statement

Red clay, cloth, wood, mattress

Variable dimensions: 100 x 200 x 68 cm



Trying to lie down without making a¬†statement is an installation where stacks of red clay dishes, complete or in pieces, constitute the support for a bed. This furniture, suitable for sleeping and resting, here seems difficult to use due to the fragility and danger of its bed base. Its title offers a challenge: To be able to lie down without bending the sheet. Broken plates represent a domestic, fragile and banal object, but they also embody the “broken plates” to be paid by the author of the acts committed. The white cover represents the tragic history of incomplete families.


Photographs: Aurélien Mole, Mar oculto solo exhibition, Dohyang Lee Gallery, Paris, France. With support for the galleries / exhibition of the National Center of Plastic Arts, France.